how we can help you

Educational Services


DCC Educational provides individuals a chance to grow in the medical field through various educational avenues. We strive to give those individuals the tools they need to thrive in the field at a reasonable cost. DCC Educational also aides with job placement and holds a 100% classroom success rate.


DCC Educational Company is accredited by the Virginia Board of Nursing and by the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). 

Home Health


DCC Home Health is committed to providing our patients with quality care. DCC Home Health helps each patient with maintaining maximum comfort and independence. We also partner with a reliable local pharmaceutical company that provides home delivery services for all medications. 

DCC Home Health is accredited by the Virginia Board of Nursing. 



DCC Staffing aims to provide efficient and skilled individuals to companies who are looking to expand but worry about the overhead cost of additions employees. For individuals looking for employment, DCC Staffing offers excellent benefits, flexible schedules, and competitive pay. For companies, DCC Staffing sends employees through an extensive vetting process in order to guarantee accurate matches for our clients and employers. 



Deborah Consulting provides business owners with the tools necessary to grow their company. Our consultants specialize in assisting companies with starting their own Consulting Company, Home Health Company, Assisted Living Facility, Group Home, etc. While assisting with the growth of your business, we also provide our employees to attend to your various needs, allowing you to launch your company at a fraction of the cost.